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We use Moneysoft Payroll Manager which is an award-winning payroll software package used by thousands of small /medium businesses, and CIS Contractors across the UK. In the tax year 2010-2011 more than half a million UK employees had their wages accurately calculated, their payslips printed and their end-of-year figures filed online to HMRC using Payroll Manager software.

Full accreditation to the HMRC Payroll Standard scheme ensures that payroll is calculated accurately and efficiently. The payroll software is also fully recognised by HMRC for online filing, so you can submit End-Of-Year returns (P35, P14) and In-Year returns such as P45, P46 and P11D Expenses & Benefits returns via the internet.

Payroll Manager has a great range of features such as:

  • Employee Payslips in a variety of formats, either on plain paper, pre-printed forms or as PDF documents
  • Automatic calculation of Statutory Sick (SSP)
  • Maternity (SMP), Paternity (OSPP, ASPP) and Adoption (SAP) pay
  • Online filing to HMRC of all returns, Student Loans, Attachments of Earnings, Childcare Vouchers, Comprehensive reporting, Data backup facilities
  • Many other features that can be seen on the Moneysoft website
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